Permit Orchard Session Evening November 24th

Permit Orchard Session Evening November 24th


Host your mini sessions in the orchard between 3:00pm-6:00pm. On November 24th, 2018.

The orchard is only open to photographers for limited times during the year.

We have select days that we allow a small amount of photographers to purchase a permit to host their mini session in the orchard. This permit allows you to photograph around the Farm at Agritopia property the entire day of November 24th, and you will be allowed access to the Orchard between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. (please note there is a wedding being held in the Biblical Garden on this day. Access to the Biblical Garden will be limited).

We do have some rules we ask that you follow for your session in the Orchard:

  • No props are allowed! Please no furniture, no balloons, no stationary set ups of any kind. No confetti, no bubbles. We DO allow very small portable items: a blanket, a small wagon to carry your gear, or a small portable stool.

  • Please do not pick the fruit, it wouldn't taste good yet anyways. 

  • Be mindful of other photographers. We have only allowed 5 photographers at a time to ensure you all have adequate space, but just be aware that you all are there, and give each other space. Also please allow time for everyone on the super cool tractor out there. 

  • Please do not remove the orange tape on the trees - it has a purpose. 

  • There are beehives in the far west end of the orchard. You may want to advise your clients incase anyone needs to bring an epi-pen. 

  • And lastly, take out everything you bring in. 

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