Peach Blossom Permit - Thursday, February 7th 3pm-6pm

Peach Blossom Permit - Thursday, February 7th 3pm-6pm


Such a rare and absolutely gorgeous backdrop.

The peach blossoms have come early!

Schedule your session/sessions in the Orchard to make the most of this special time. The permit allows you to photograph in the orchard from 3:00pm-6:00pm on Thursday, February 7th 2019, as well as on the regular permitted property for that entire day.

There is only one Peach Blossom Permit per day so you will have the entire orchard to yourself for 3 hours! Another rare treat.

*No props are allowed in the orchard or on site. No furniture, no balloons, no confetti, no bubbles, no birdseed etc. You are allowed a small wagon to carry equipment. Hand held items such as a blanket and stool are acceptable.

Make note:

  • The ground could be wet due to the season.

  • Being that we are a working farm, and completely at the mercy of whatever nature chooses to do, we are not able to switch times or dates of this event.

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