Peach U-Pick May 25th

Peach U-Pick May 25th


Peach season!

Peach U-pick event May 25th. Select times with the purchase of your ticket.

Since our peach picking events are so popular, we’ve changed our Peach U-Pick format.

This year we are selling Peach U-pick tickets. We’ve made it very organized and simple.

  • Choose which time slot you would like to come when you purchase your u-pick ticket.

  • Your ticket gains you entry into the orchard and 5lbs of peaches.

  • No limit to the number of people entering per ticket.

  • 5lbs of peaches fills up the bag we give you and ends up being anywhere from 6-10 peaches depending on the size of the peaches


No refunds are available for these tickets. Please try and show up as close to your scheduled ticket time so there is limited number of people picking during each session.

We will not be selling extra bags on Saturday.

No pets allowed in the orchard.

No professional photography sessions allowed.

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